Niche specific Web Portal Solutions

Best in class Professional Web Portal Solutions. Be sure that we’ll find a way fitting your needs!

Perfect Solutions for Small Medium Business

With our experience of working in this field, we can provide professional consulting for SMBs….

IT consulting in a 360° manner

Implementing and maintaining any project or solution requires careful planning and management….

Niche Specific Web Portal Design

We focus on customizing Web Portal Solutions for specific business segments…

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Niche Specific Webshop Solutions

We have long experience in Webshop Solutions for various niches….

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Remote Assistance

Support to any issue you may have e.g. via remote dialin to end customer

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

We offer Root Cause Analysis using a simple, systematic approach to rational problem solving….

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Professional Service Projects

Our Specialists offer professional support to PS Projects within our area of expertise…..

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Network Planning and Sanity Check

We’ve worked with multiple kinds of planning, auditing and sanity check projects….

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Professional Services

We help you to select the most appropriate solution according to key parameters (e.g. time, budget, requirements). This is achieved by adopting a formalized process.
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Quite often one little bump in the road can cause business downtime. In most cases we may solve issue and provide RCA after remote access to system...
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Questions/queries/doubts on mail or phone related to product, tool or solution - just call us and we will try our best to provide fast and precise response to you....
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We commit to deliver on time and budget as agreed with you, no matter the size of the project! These deliveries may include tools, scripts, code, documentation etc.
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